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Social Media Tips: How to Get Your Business Noticed on Instagram

As a social media manager at Studio Brand Collective, I speak a very different language, which is reflected in my writing. To keep up with the language used on social media, I’ve dedicated a Leila-isms section below that will help guide you through this blog entry. Soon, you’ll be fluent in the beautiful language of social media!


The Gram: Slang for Instagram.

“Blame it on the Alcohol:” a song by American singer/actor Jamie Foxx.

I got you: An expression that's short for, “I’ll take care of this for you.”

Drops mic: This means the truth has been spoken. No other words or information is needed. Straight to the point. Boom, enough said.


Alrighty, now to the good stuff! How to get your business noticed on the Gram:

If you've ever posted anything from your company’s Instagram account, you know how easy it is to feel like you’re just posting to a blank wall. Too often, you’re left with no likes, comments, or followers. And just when you thought kick-starting a new Instagram page would be a challenge, Instagram has now introduced a new algorithm!

The days for equal exposure are over!

Even as a Gram expert this upsets me, because it poses an even greater challenge for Instagram newbies—but what’s a social media manager to do? I can’t blame it on the a-a-a-a-algorithm like Jamie Foxx can blame it on the alcohol.

It’s my job to not only keep up with user trends, but with platform trends as well. So, I got you! What changes did Instagram make?

Instagram changed its feed algorithm from showing posts in reverse-chronological order to now showing the most popular posts first. What does this mean for your Instagram? It means that your most recent posts could get skipped over based on what users are taking the most interest in. So, how do you get on the grams good side to amplify your posts? Here are few ways that have worked for me and the accounts I manage for Studio Brand Collective’s clients.

1. Post an Instagram story.

Combat Instagram’s new algorithm with stories! Instagram stories are shared at the top of your feed, showing the most recent stories first no matter what. One of the best things about sharing stories is that you can do it quickly and spontaneously to share the daily life of your business. If you’re actively using this feature, you’ll be top-of-mind for all of your followers to see. Just remember that your story only lives for 24 hours, then expires.

2. New content is a must.

Rather than posting anything you want, Instagram only allows photos and videos. That means you’re constantly creating new visual content, if you’re not your competitors will. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the Gram Land—where you’re fiercely competing for your viewers’ attention.

3. Don’t be a ghost poster.

What the heck is that? A ghost poster is someone who posts on a social media platform, drops mic, then leaves. Don’t be a ghost poster! You MUST engage on the platform! Start interacting with people on their post. Get noticed by commenting on a photo, then follow it up by liking multiple photos on a user’s page. You will capture their attention in their notifications, and in turn, they’ll be curious to know who you are.

I utilize many more strategies to spur engagement, but these three tips are only a start. I definitely recommend reaching out to us to perform a social media audit on ALL your social pages, for FREE. What’s the harm in that? We’d love to hear from you and discuss ways to grow your Houston-are business through social media. Give Studio Brand Collective a call today at 713.863.1141, or shoot a project request here.

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