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Behind the Scenes with SBC

Our project assistant reveals a little sneak peek into her everyday role!

Since I have joined SBC I have taken on the roll of helping with pretty much anything that goes on at the office. Everything from day to day office tasks to assisting with any client projects that need help. I like to think of myself as the office organizer as I make sure things run smoothly and on schedule.

Marketing is a whole new world and language that I have had to learn to adapt to. I admire my coworkers for the creative and skillful work that they create everyday. I will continue to learn something new about branding, marketing, social media, design, and everything it takes to run a successful business. The advantage of learning from a small business is that I can be apart of basically everything that goes on within the business. This helps me to continue to develop a well-rounded knowledge of how a marketing agency works.

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