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Creative Process

There is no set way for how someone starts his or her own creative process. People can find inspiration in the most random places, so it’s up to you to figure out what works. Make your way to a space that feels comfortable and let your creative mind take off from there. Remember, even the greatest minds didn’t come up with things on the first try, so start your brainstorming to get all of your ideas out. Once that process is done, get to work. It's better to get all the "bad" ideas out in one sitting. Who knows - a multi-million dollar idea could be based off one of these bad ideas!

If you're in a space you feel should help get your creativity pumping and nothing is happening, don't be discouraged! Your walk or ride back to your home or office could strike a match and you'll find yourself overflowing with ideas! Just remember, you can't force a great idea to happen, it comes naturally.

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