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How to Wean Yourself Off of the Coffee for a Healthier Lifestyle

Judging by the endless lines at your local coffee shops, it’s easy to see that, while the coffee industry is going well, many are simply skipping the lines. The workplace has started to replace the coffee shops for many coffee drinkers. While starting the day off with a cup is a perfectly normal (and oftentimes necessary), with the convenience of in-house coffee pots right next to your desk, it’s tempting to refill your cup more than once throughout the day. Although it may seem harmless, or even mindless, filling your body with loads of caffeine, and sugar, if you don’t drink it black, can be downright dangerous. We’re here to help you avoid the long Starbucks lines and start resisting the urge for multiple cups o’ Joe by exploring healthier alternatives.

With the flexibility of Keurig machines, a hot cup of tea or a tall glass of iced tea is a button away. More and more beverage companies are manufacturing their teas in K-cups, making this healthier option available instantly. With a variety of flavors -- green, black, herbal and specialty teas to name a few -- we’re allowed fresh, healthy options and delicious flavor. Some teas are even sweet enough to pass on added sugar!

Most offices don’t have blenders, but a quick stop at your local smoothie or juice bar is a great way to get over your 2:30 p.m. slump. Green smoothies with fruits and veggies like kale, spinach and cilantro are a great source of energy and nutrients. If you’re feeling extra healthy, add chia seeds or a wheatgrass shot for added nutrients. Some shops will even have the option to add a shot of “energy,” making the need for coffee almost obsolete!

If nothing else seems to keep you awake, slice up some lemons and add them to a glass of water. As simple as it sounds, lemon water is extremely beneficial. Lemon water can aid in digestion, help keep a clear complexion and even give you a burst of energy.

Those brave souls who have given up their coffee have noticed fewer headaches, better sleep and even whiter teeth! Although it may seem difficult, substituting coffee with other alternatives is a simple step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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