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The Best Blogs for PR Pros

For PR Professionals, it’s important to stay updated on the ever-changing industry. Therefore, it is imperative that you read! There are many blogs that are dedicated the public relations industry that offer tips, advice, seminars, webinars and anything else PR pros may need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

Some of SBC’s favorites include:

The earlier you find this site, the better. It includes a variety of helpful blogs such as, “Why you have to get in front of the story”, general news, events and job listings for PR pros around the world. They also provide the PRWeek Awards, PR Week Conference, roundtables, webcasts and virtual forums.

We visit this site regularly, mostly when we are stumped about pitching or just looking for inspiration. The website includes articles that apply PR to real world news, writing tips, events, training and even cool informational videos. PR Daily makes their content fun and user-friendly by using relevant GIFs and pictures.

This is a blog that is hosted by the talent search website, TalentZoo. They update their page daily with new jobs in the industry for any level employee and they have different contributors add their tips and advices for professionals. It’s a great hub for up and comers!

We came across this interesting site while doing research on PR professionals, and have been a frequent visitor ever since. It includes expert advice for PR and marketing pros and they host webinars with some of industry’s top professionals. It’s one of our favorite sites to help stay ahead of the game.

PR News is the most informative site on this list. The page is updated daily with tips and advice for pros, they host webinars, post jobs and offer e-books from various professionals for purchase. We usually visit this site when we want to know what is new or what is changing in the PR world. It’s the most convenient one-stop shop for PR Pros, and will keep you on your PR toes!

For more tips and ideas relating to your industry, stay updated on the happenings at Studio Brand Collective through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Also, be sure to check out our Must-Haves for Every PR Girl blog for ideas on how to stay energized and organized!

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