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5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Inbound Marketing

At Studio Brand Collective, we’re all about inbound marketing! What is inbound marketing, you ask? Inbound refers to marketing activities that attract customers rather than spending heaps of moola on paid advertising in hopes your message reaches the right customer. Turns out, customers don’t like it when products and services are pushed on them! Instead, developing a solid strategy and then creating quality content to intrigue, entertain, and educate potential customers will draw them in organically and naturally. Here are just a few reasons why inbound marketing rocks!

  1. It’s measureable

With inbound marketing, you can track every single activity and measure the success. This will allow you to tailor your strategy to do more of what is working, and to stop spending time on what isn’t working! To get an idea of a few metrics you can measure, head on over to our analytics and strategy blog.

  1. It builds trust with customers

By providing quality content that users will find advantageous, you’ll be able to position yourself as credible and reliable resource for their needs.

  1. It naturally increases your online visibility

Google (and other search engines) LOVE fresh content. Blogging and creating downloadable content gives search engines new pages to index, which tells the search engines your website is current and relevant to today’s user!

  1. It’s cost effective

Did you know that inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing?

  1. It brings in new business! Success!

Don’t believe us? Here are some stats from Hubspot. 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. 42% of businesses have acquired a customer through Twitter. 57% of companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn. 48% of companies have acquired a customer through Facebook.

We’ve only scratched the surface as to why inbound is superior to traditional outbound methods. Hopefully now you can now deduce why we’re all aboard the inbound marketing train! What do you think about inbound marketing? Tell us on our Facebook or Twitter page!

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