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Agency Fuel: 5 Snacks That Keep Us Going

Whether you are looking to watch what you eat or just watch and eat, we always have our kitchen fully stocked with goodies for team members and clients. Snacks have a very serious role here at SBC, especially knowing that agency life can get hectic. We never want to have to force someone to eat a Snickers.

Considering coffee has a category all on its own, here are our 5 fave foods and drinks to snack on:

1. Coke/Soda – We’ve stopped counting how many we go through each week. All we know is that we love it. Any soda is perfect to quiet that nagging hunger, while being equally delicious.

2. Skinny pop – You know the power of the word skinny. When we’re watching our weight (or just ran out of the good stuff), this healthy popcorn is a yummy option.

3. Goldfish – The snack that smiles back is right. Something about Goldfish makes us want to scarf them down at every turn. We can’t seem to keep our hands off of them. But who can blame us? We love the fishes cause they’re so delicious.

4. Chips & Hummus – This perfect combo has become a popular item here at SBC. We don’t know if it’s the crunch from the chips, or if it’s the chickpeas in the hummus, but we’re hooked!

5. Peppermints – Sometimes after eating too much goldfish or too many Doritos, we need something to mask the lingering taste. We always keep mints out for everyone, because we like to keep our breath fresh!

What are some of your favorite snacks to always have on hand at the office? Tag us on Twitter or Facebook, or share a picture with us on Instagram!

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