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No Mouse Ear Costumes Here

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, No, we aren't talking Christmas just yet! It's finally fall, the time of the year when everything is made with a little pumpkin spice and we start to plan for this weekend - Halloween!

This year Halloween falls on a Saturday - yay! We are super excited, but often find it hard to find the time to put together the perfect costume. We’ve spent our lunch break scouring the Internet for some of the cutest (and easiest) DIY costumes for you! Below are our top 5 picks based on difficulty level in terms of time and resources needed! No last minute mouse costumes here!


Difficulty level: 3

What’s sweeter than being an adorable fruit? Nothing, that’s what. Have everyone in awe of your sweet, super delicious and adorable getup. An easy solo or group costume! The best part? This is totally work friendly! You can wear it on Friday and still be work appropriate! An added bonus: you can wear any dress you want! Tutorials from our friend Kelly over at StudioDIY

The Ultimate Girl Squad

Difficulty level: 4 (only because you’ve got to have a crew or it just doesn’t work!)

Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video, grab your four best friends and a lot of leather to put this ensemble together. How often do you get to mean mug all night with your best friends? Oh, the joys of Halloween! Check out the full tutorial from Brit + Co link

Adorable Trolls

Difficult level: 1

We love this costume for its simplicity and super fun nature! Grab your friends, a nude colored dress, a bright wig and a matching gemstone and done! The only difficulty is getting the wig to stand straight up. Hint, hint - lots and lots of hairspray!

Image source: We Know Memes


Difficulty level: 5

Sequins and seashells? Sign us up! This DIY comes from Lauren Conrad and although it does require a bit of sewing, it is totally doable! It should come as no surprise this costume design comes from LC! She has the best tutorials!

Fluffy Sheep

Difficulty level: 2

If you are worried about being cold on Hallow’s Eve, fear not. This fluffy (and warm) costume is just the one for you! Grab your black long sleeve shirt, white dress and black tights (optional) and cotton balls-- A LOT of cotton balls and you’ve got the cutest sheep costume on the block.

Can we get a bahhhhhh??

Jump on over to Marie’s blog, The Joy of Fashion, for the complete tutorial.

That’s it. Our top five costumes for Halloween 2015! You’ve got no excuse to be the Karen of your trick-or-treating group. Get DIYing then share your costume with us on Instagram!

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