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You’re Hired: How to Land the Internship

Did you know that Boeing’s new CEO started at the company 30 years earlier as an intern? Yep, it’s true! No matter what industry you work in or how high up the chain of command you’re in, we all started somewhere – as interns. Applying for internships can be overwhelming, but no need to fear! We’ve got the inside scoop on how to land your dream internship.

Do your research

Next to having toilet paper stuck on your shoe, there’s nothing more embarrassing than not knowing anything about the company you’re interviewing with. Always do your research! For your interview, you should be able to answer every question imaginable about the company. Plus, doing your research will prevent you from asking questions you should already know the answer to.

Network, network, network

Small talk can be intimidating, but it’s important to muster up the courage and meet new folks. Building relationships with industry colleagues will open so many doors for you. Look for local industry mixers and networking events to attend. Have a business card or resume ready, because you never know who you’ll meet. After meeting someone, follow up with an email thanking them for their time. We love networking so much, we even wrote a blog post on it!

Customize your resume

Every job is different, so customize your resume to reflect the internship you’re applying for. Go over the requirements for the internship and craft your resume to include the job requirements as skills. Your resume should be clear and concise and no longer than one page.

We’ve all started as interns and no matter how stressful applying for internships was; it was all worth it in the end! What are your tips on getting hired as an intern? Tweet us at @StudioBrandC and let us know!

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