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5 Fitness Tips For Busy People

Health and fitness is an important yet difficult thing to worry about while juggling a 9-5 workday five days out of the week. Running your own business makes our free time even more precious, but fitness should remain a priority for all of us. Here are some quick tips to consider when trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Sleep: Find a way to get more of it! Receiving the optimal amount of sleep each night will enhance your performance during the day. 7-8 hours a night is ideal and will help you have more energy throughout the day.

2. Motivation: After a long day at the office, some of us need a little motivation to take the extra time to get our workout in. Try finding a workout buddy who will help push you to go each day. Find out what activity you enjoy doing best to make the workout not seem so brutal.

3. Get Moving: Sitting for 8 hours a day every day is not going to help your health and fitness. Take breaks during the day to get up and walk around. Climb the stairs or do small workouts at your desk. Google ‘workouts at your desk’ and I promise you will come across millions of ideas!

4. Knowledge is Power: Educate yourself on calorie counting as well as the ingredients in the foods that you eat. Reading the labels on your products is important to know what is actually in the food you are consuming.

5. Break It Up: Working out for an hour straight after the long day seems almost impossible. To limit your time, break up your workout throughout the day. Fit some time in whenever you can so you don’t have to go so long at one time. Utilize your time in the morning, walk during your lunch break and finish off with some time in the evening.

What tips do you have to becoming and staying a healthy and fit busy person?

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