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Analytics & Strategy, The New PB&J

Whether you handle your own marketing or have hired a firm, make sure that your marketing dollars are well spent by including analytics in your strategy. How else will you know what works with your audience, and equally important, what doesn’t work?

Implementing analytics findings into your strategy will optimize your marketing efforts. If you are new to analytics, here are the top 3 reasons you’ll want to include these insights to master your digital strategy:

1) Determine how to divvy up your time on social media. Not all social media sites are created equal. While some businesses thrive on Twitter, others flourish on Facebook. While we don’t recommend ignoring a social media site completely, analytics will tell you which sites you should be spending a bulk of your time and effort on.

2) Learn which blog types drive the most traffic to your website. It’s no secret that the goal of blogs are to improve your business's digital footprint and drive traffic to your website. Using analytics, you’ll be able to learn which blog types and blog content appeal to your audience so you can nix low performers and create more superstars.

3) Discover how users interact with your website. How many users are visiting your website? What pages do they look at? How long do they stay? Which web pages outperform others? You can answer all of these questions and gain deeper insights with web analytics. Optimize your site to inspire users to interact the way you want them to, see the content you want them to, and to nurse them down the buyer’s funnel.

If you’re looking for a marketing firm in Houston, Studio Brand Collective can help! Check out our services or contact us for questions. Just looking for a little inspiration? Get fab-tastic ideas from our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages!

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