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Five Tips For Taking Amazing Photos With Your iPhone

If you're anything like us, we almost contantly have our phones by us. We can admit it - our phone is usually the first thing we grab when we have an "Insta" worthy moment. However, to avoid the typically turnout of an iPhone photo, try these five tips to take your photos to another level.

1. Put the camera grid to work!

Turning on the gridlines is the easiest way to compose your photo! Use the grid to line-up the subject of your photo in experimental ways, while following the rule of thirds - a scene should be divided into nine equal parts and the main subject should be placed along these lines or their intersections.

2. Experiment with HDR mode

HDR (high dynamic range) that enhances range by merging a bright, normal and dark exposure. This mode opens up the bright and dark extremes, and the effect brings out details one usually wouldn't notice in a photo without the HDR on.

3. Don't Zoom

If you want a close up, do NOT zoom on your phone (pinching the screen). Simply walk closer to the object. It will be cleaner shot and less grainy and "zoom" looking.

4. Limit the Filters

We're all for using filters, but make sure to limit the use of them. Experiement with filters that focus on things like contrast and brightness and avoid aggressive filters.

5. Focus

People have shaky hands - it's unavoidable. To force your iPhone to keep a focus on the subject of your photo, tap and hold until "AE/AF Lock" appears at the bottom of your screen. When this comes on, the focus and expsoure your set will stay and not move around when you do.

These are just a few tips to try to make your iPhone photos better quality, but be sure to reserach which apps to use that can help even more.

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