COMPANY: Bosh Bistro Restaurant

SERVICES: Web Design and Development; Logo Design; Photo Shoot and Direction; Art Direction; Brand Packaging; Brand Development; Brand Materials

OVERVIEW: The brand design began with the name Bosh Bistro. The founder and owner’s last name is Bosh, and we thought giving the bistro a family name and starting out in this community full of different types of people, income, etc. would give the restaurant a personal touch a lot of eating establishments lack. The farm-to-market technique the owner wanted to use also added to Bosh’s identity. SBC started to draft logos to incorporate the vision of a local, chic restaurant worthy of attention

No! We DON'T live in the Pink House

Anymore - We've Moved!!



2855 Mangum Rd. Ste 430

Houston, TX 77092


1404 Gratiot Ave, 5th Floor

Detroit, MI 48207 

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