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Get Trendy With Twitter Images

twitter images

Facebook and Instagram certainly have a way with captivating their audience with engaging images. When social media gurus get together, they can get carried away with these two platforms. However, in the final installment of our pictures for social media series we are discussing Twitter.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Twitter floating around the internet, with many experts debating the true value of the platform for businesses. We’d never tell any business to shy away from the platform and feel like it should be embraced. Not enough time during your day to monitor a timeline? That’s why you leave it to SBC! Learn more about our social media services. For now, let’s jump on some key strategies that we can bring to your page immediately!

  1. Frequency over design. Designed images are great for Facebook boosts, and Instagram sponsored posts and often drive engagement. However, on Twitter, frequency of posts are often much more important than the posts themselves. Rather than stressing over designing 20 images per week, it’s important to identify three to four key designs to use for the month. There is no penalty for using the same image or post repetitively like on other platforms. Did a designed image of your interior get five retweets last week? Perfect, post it some more!

  2. Humor over facts. This is a difficult fact for many brands to accept. Twitter is oversaturated with hard news content, and the bigger brands will gobble your space up by paying top dollar. Your posts should be informative, but leave that part out of the image. Let’s bait our audience in with a goofy GIF that relates to your landing page. We have calculated that GIFs can raise click-throughs more than 100 percent for certain types of landing pages. An attribute that Twitter loves to push is their easy GIF button that the other guys don’t have. It does take some creativity to figure out how to relate a cat chasing its tail to an HR blog, but trust us it can be done. Leave it to SBC!

  3. Show pictures of humans. Think of Twitter as a giant conversation with hashtags. You are talking to one person. We want that person to be the next customer, client, or executive that will embrace your services. One of the best ways to do so is to showcase smiling faces in your office and promote office culture. Individual users aren’t looking for the most creative image designs, they are looking for something that relates to their target demo. SBC can effectively bridge that gap when you send us your office shots! It’s as simple as a hashtag.

  4. What’s your hashtag? Does your company have a slogan that you often use? Have you thought about combining that into some sort of hashtag that is consistent with your branding? In marketing, we know that a gigantic factor of success is consistency and belief in the values of your brand. I highly recommend a method of advertising that watermarks a common hashtag on every image you post. Put it at the bottom right of the image, making it relevant to a campaign, your overall brand, or a seasonal item. These are the kind of things that make somebody stop when they are scrolling through a feed. The hashtag will also link all your posts and advertisements together if a user is to click it.

Images on Twitter are often trickier to the common user than the other platforms. These are just a few of the strategies we use to turn your Twitter handle into a trendy force to be reckon with! Learn more about SBC.

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