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Pro Tips for Mastering Christmas Tree Design

Are you looking to mix up your Christmas holiday decorating tradition this season? Let us walk you through a few tree design pointers that will make you look like a pro and ad a new flair to your Christmas tree traditions.

It all begins with deciding whether you want to an artificial or natural tree. They both have pros and cons, so it completely depends on the individual’s preference. Feel free to take the word “tree” lightly and create your own using unconventional alternatives such as wood planks, flat cutouts, and even cardboard. However, nothing can quite compare to like the fragrance of a freshly cut tree.

After choosing your tree, try to refrain from throwing every free, gifted, or obscure ornament on at once. Make a plan. One way you can do this is to set a theme. This can be as simple as limiting your color palette to just a few colors, or you could go all out with a western-themed tree. Your options are endless. More often than not, simplification yields a nicer result.

Make decorating easy and fun. Following a general process can help reduce the time and frustration spent decorating. String your lights first. This keeps you from having to remove or possibly damage ornaments in the process. Then hang garlands, ribbons, or any strand-like decorations. Unless you plan a specific ceremony for the end, put your topper on before all ornaments are on. This, too, will help you avoid knocking off or damaging any of your fragile objects. Next comes the fun part, hanging the ornaments! If the thought of this part makes you queasy, try organizing your ornaments into piles by color, size, or shape. Working from top to bottom and with larger pieces first, evenly distribute each pile onto the tree. Don’t feel like you have to keep things completely symmetrical. You can have a visually well-balanced tree without symmetry. Also try playing with depth by hanging larger objects further into the tree. Another great way to add interest is by adding contrasting finishes, such as metallics.

After you feel your tree coming to life, take frequent pauses and get a different perspective. Often times looking from across the room will help you resolve spacing issues and give you the momentum to keep going.

Hopefully at the end of the evening and not too many glasses of wine later, your Christmas tree is something to be proud of. For more everyday design tips, connect with SBC on LinkedIn!

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