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5 Local Places Every Houstonian MUST Visit

5 Local Places Every Houstonian Should Visit

Houston’s diversity and appreciation for art and culture has resulted in a city full of beautiful hidden places. From extravagant gardens to minimalist chapels, there’s something for everyone. This week, we have seven creative places every Houstonian should visit.

1. McGovern Centennial Gardens

McGovern Centennial Gardens

Once a swamp, Houston is known for its flat terrain, but there’s one place where a short hike can give you a new perspective. At the McGovern Centennial Gardens, a gorgeous garden, filled with exotic plants, and a pergola walk lead you to a 30-foot tall twisting walkway and waterfall. From the top, you can take in the view of the gardens and a beautiful sunset.

2. Rothko Chapel

Rothko Chapel Houston

A non-denominational chapel, its name is taken from the paintings inside it by Mark Rothko. The inside serves as a place of prayer or meditation, but also as a piece of modern art itself. Fourteen large, black and purple-hued paintings cover the concrete walls. The chapel opened in 1971, but few Houstonians have heard of it.

3. Skyspace

Skyspace Rice University

We’ve all seen the photos of friends at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston inside a tunnel of black and neon light. The same artist who created the tunnel is responsible for the Rice University’s Skyspace, is an outdoor pavilion inspired by the same use of light and architecture.

4. Art Blocks

Art Blocks Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston is more alive than ever. Before stopping in for a craft cocktail, take a walk around to discover the “art blocks” downtown. From sculptures to murals, there’s plenty to see and explore.

5. Discovery Green

Discovery Green Houston

Discovery Green is the perfect picnic spot. On weekends, you can often find a public, free movie screening in the downtown park. During your stroll around the gardens, restaurants and man-made lake, you’ll see several pieces of public art.

Where will you visit next? Find us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know!

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