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Puppy Love: A Non-Profit Marketing Wonder

Have you ever felt like someone is following you, but when you turn around, one is there? Like the cartoons, when Tom and Jerry are chasing each other or Wile E. Coyote hides in a bush as he tries to sneak up on Roadrunner. What if it was an ad that followed you around the mall? The non-profit organization Battersea in England has done just that with an adorable dog looking for an owner.

To launch their #LookingForYou campaign, they gave mall goers a pamphlet that activated the interactive advertisement as each person walks through the mall. This high-tech ad created a unique interaction between the pamphlet holder and every billboard in the mall. You can see the “awe” on each person’s faces as they interact with the pup throughout the mall. One little girl even hops up on a bench and jumps up and down as she notices that the dog has been following her family the around the mall.

This innovative ad has us thinking, what will come next? As technology evolves, ad campaigns become more interactive and innovative. We are excited to see where technology leads us next!

Check out the #LookingForYou campaign for yourself. Warning: you might want to grab some tissues before you press play!

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