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Scary Movie Business Marketing

Let's be honest, scary movies can go one of two ways - they can either be slightyly terrifying and original or a cheesy predictable waste of money. However, there are a few marketing rules that can be taken away from almost all scary movies and applied to your business. Think about the following:

1. Mystery

We love the mind thrillers that keep us guessing until the very end, so why not use this for a campaign? A little mystery never hurt anyone, and as long as you keep people wanting more and don't reveal everything you have at once, people are going to want to know more about your brand.

2. Characters

Love them or hate them there are always certain characters who grab your attention and stay with you. There's nothing wrong with showing off a few of your employees on social media sites, but make sure to not continually bombard your audience with faces of your team - they'll get tired of seeing it.

3. Budget

Not every scary movie is grade A (hello do we remember old school Jaws?). Your small business doesn't need a lot of money to make an impact - you just need a team of creative people with good ideas! It didn't cost the ALS foundation a lot of money to start a viral social media awareness campaign!

Keep these things in mind moving into Halloween!

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