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What's in A Client Meeting, You Ask?

Initial client meetings are one of the most important meetings here at Studio Brand Collective. It’s in this meeting that we really get to understand what the project will really entail. We present all of our knowledge on a client’s company followed by the strategies we believe will allow our clients to stand out.

The first thing we do to prepare for this meeting is to learn everything about the company. We learn their business model, clientele, and analyze all aspects of their current marketing plan. This process can be extesnsive and time consuming, but to build a brand, we need a solid foundation and essential facts to support our action plan.

From there, we compile research to create a new brand and marketing concept that will allow our clients' business to thrive in this economy. This includes brand strategies, brand awareness strategies, marketing materials and brand design. We don't create or suggest things from nothing, we take everything we've learned, the client's wants and our creative inspiration to create the best strategies and designs for your brand.

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