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Technology In The Communications World

In the communications world, we’re surrounded by technology all the time. If we’re not up to date on the current tech, we can miss an opportunity to connect with each other or even our client's target audiences. Every creative communications professional is looking for an innovative, never before tried strategy to reach audiences in a new way.

Many digital advertisers and marketers advertise to people based on what they buy or what websites they have been to in the past month. It won't be too far into the future when technology will bypass this process, and be able to target audiences based on their personailties and preferences. Google Glass is a fantastic opportunity for this niche marketing.

We asked our team what piece of technology they can’t possibly live without. It’s funny, the majority of the pieces were already on their desks! Half of our team would die without their cell phones and the other half has to stay in connection to the web via laptop or desktop computers. One of our worst habit

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