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Brand Design and Development          Web Design and Development      Brand Mark

Logo Design and Development            Copyediting                    Research & Strategy               




Brand Design and Development          Web Design and Development      Brand Mark

Logo Design and Development            Copyediting            Digital Marketing                        


Artistic Engineering Construction has been a top contracting firm for many years. Specializing in new construction, modernization, design build and construction management for both residential and commercial projects, AEC has built many of Houston's hottest restaurants, businesses and homes. One of their hallmarks of success has been their diverse portfolio which includes residential, commercial, interior improvement and renovation for both residential & commercial.


AE Construction approached SBC to develop a site for them that would showcase the breadth of their work in a fresh and open way. Quite simply, they wanted their work to speak for them. "The more visual the better", were the specific instructions we were given. We had fun with this project because from the begining they trusted our approach to their brand.


Brand Design and Development          Web Design and Development      Brand Mark

Logo Design and Development            Copyediting                                   


As a writer, tastemaker, consultant and connector, Laura Carson Miller provides loads of positive energy and passion for her clients and her work that is joyously contagious. Located in Atlanta, Laura hosts a weekly group focusing on connecting and empowering creatives to thrive in business. So when she approached us, naturally we were pretty excitred. She wanted fun elements, not too trendy but certainly fresh and modern and we enjoyed creating a beautiful brand, customized all the way through for Laura.


In addition to her logo, brand elements, and website, we created her "Style File" - a place where she gathers her thoughst and shares a real time dialogue of sorts, highlighting people, places and things she finds noteworthy. Her posts are filled with fun and fanciful lifestyle eye candy, often offering actionable advice and sometimes challenging the status quo. 


Brand Design and Development          Web Design and Development      Brand Mark  


LTC was established for the sole purpose of preparing accurate and timely tax returns for individuals and businesses. The owners of LTC have well over a half-century of tax experience and have worked with young couples with growing families to multi-entity organizations with corporate international interest and everything in between.


Lincoln approached SBC to create a brand that would be able to standout among the big box competitors plus also be able to carry the business well past tax season. Their services would evolve to provide small businesses with accounting, bookkeeping and financial services.We know we had to create something that was memorable and with the name Lincoln Tax Center, we cleverly coined the slogan "The Penny Promise".


Website Content Update                        Marketing Materials                    Blog Creation

Social Media Creation/Management      Event Promotions/Planning      PR/Advertising

After nearly a decade working as an editor for several national magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and Good Housekeeping, Holly Crawford wanted to refocus her brand for more freelance, high profile assignments. A grammar fanatic with a penchant for pop culture and pretty things, she regularly writes about beauty, fashion, interior design, retail, real estate, travel and weddings. Her work appears in publications like Allure, Every Day with Rachael Ray, More and Glamour, as well as on websites like and


Holly approached Studio Brand to help her transition into a new brand space, one where she would be able to stand out and profile her vast experience. We absolutely enjoyed working with Holly because as you can see she really loves pink! To create Holly’s brand, we started with color, font, and design selections. From there, we created her logo and custom icons that would be used throughout her branding. Each icon represents an aspect of Holly’s professional career, like the skyscrapers of NYC, the city where she first started as an editor.

Website                              Logo Development                       Brand Development



Laurie Perez is a Houston based photographer who is very passionate about what she does and it shows in her work. Her story, which is equally as passionate starts in 2003, when a house fire left her family with only the clothes on their backs and her camera. Making the best of this situation, she decided to pursue a photography degree and the rest is history. There isn’t much that Studio Brand finds challenging but making a creative photographer who has a personality larger than life and is fun all around, look better was a challenge.


We quickly realized that what we saw was what everyone else needed to see; it was her USP (unique selling position). It was the missing piece to creating a complete brand for Laurie Perez. We worked with Laurie to develop the concept of branding her as the face of the company – bringing a personality to a brand that is very personal in nature. We started with the rebranding of her logo, updating her marketing materials, her color scheme, down to font selection.

Brand Strategy and Direction                   Marketing Materials        Art Direction

Website Update and Content Review        Brand Awareness          Product Packaging


This project involved working with another group to design and presenting a unified concept featuring the multiple aspects of Brookfield Multiplex’s in their corporate brochure and divisional documents.


The challenge was to devise a concept that would appeal to a wide market and be a cost- effective, environmental friendly approach. The publications needed to work both as a unit and as individual booklets. As a result, the concept uses two colour printing for each publication, with vibrant colours and dynamic black and white photography. 


Marketing Collateral                       Copyediting                   Creative Direction


Art-VIA is a Houston, Texas based interior design firm specializing in creating lifestyle design choices for its clients. While Art-VIA has steadily grown over the past four years in business, the company has realized that there is more industry share available to capture. Additionally, they have been unable to adequately determine and subsequently capture their specific market niche.


After realizing that a key component for increasing brand position and influence is to create a more sustainable brand, they hired Studio Brand Collective to create a streamlined and consistent brand that would engage multiple audiences across multiple marketing platforms, essentially leading to an increase in potential clients and ultimately new business. Studio Brand created a targeted brand strategy that included updating their webs presence, social media, public relations, event management and the development of brand collaterals.

Website Content Update                     Marketing Materials               Blog Creation

Social Media Creation/Management     Event Promotions/Planning    PR/Advertising


Austin Exploration Inc. is a global service provider of quality marine gravity and magnetic data acquisition, as well as data processing and interpretation. Founded and Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Austin Exploration is a recognized pioneer in marine gravity and magnetic exploration. Having conducted marine surveys throughout the world, including the offshore regions of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, the team at Austin Exploration approached SBC to work on a complete a rebranding of their company.


In a competitive industry, Austin wanted to re-emphasize its brand credibility, history and quality. After careful research, Studio Brand chose to highlight the history and experience of Austin, to restate the most important aspect of the company, their experience, the team, their history and their exceptional service standards. We recreated their logo, created a slogan, created their complete brand identity, including website, business cards, inventory photography, marketing materials and trade show materials.


Website Design/Development              Marketing Materials            Logo Redesign

Inventory Photography                        Business Stationery           Trade Show Materials


The City of Chandler, AZ is one of the fastest growing cities in the country featuring beautiful Arizona resorts. So it's no wonder why it's one of the great Arizona vacation spots, boasting world-class golf facilities, Arizona resorts, fabulous restaurants of every cuisine, premier shopping and tons of fun activities. With almost near perfect weather year round - more than 330 sunny days a year, and an average temperature of 85 degrees - the City of Chandler, AZ a great place to visit.


With a need to increase the exposure of this american city, Chandler wanted to create a more engaged digital presence. Studio Brand started by creating a branded story focusing on all the great things this city has to offer. We focused on the primary goal, which is simply to drive tourism awareness through an increased digital presence. 


Brand Design                 Social Media Strategy              Digital Enagagement Marketing

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