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Brand Development, Website Development and Design, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Research and Strategy.

When our client, Zeus Mortgage Bank, came to us with the idea to spin off a new brand devoted to real estate crowdfunding, we knew that a successful launch would require a full suite of creative services. Studio Brand started with basic branding elements including a logo and website and then developed the marketing strategy necessary to make the new business viable.

Based on market research, our team executed a plan to improve Zeus CrowdFunding’s ranking in search-engine results and put together a campaign to funnel potential customers into a successful, multi-touchpoint marketing campaign designed to convert them into repeat borrowers and investors.

Studio Brand’s in-house web development team built a new dynamic website for Zeus.
Created content relevant to desired target audience to drive business. Improved web activity across all metrics, including users by 75 percent and lowered bounce rates by 8 percent. Allowed for an average of 1,500 new users monthly and increased overall session time.

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