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Harris County



Brand Development, Website Development, Creative Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, OOH Advertisement, Digital Campaigns

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Studio Brand embarked on an ambitious project with Harris County, the third-largest county in the United States. The mission was clear yet challenging: to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing and branding campaign aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 and raising public awareness about the pandemic. Studio Brand took on this significant responsibility with a multi-faceted strategy. The primary goal was not just to inform but to engage the community of Harris County in a dialogue about COVID-19 prevention, leveraging the power of digital platforms and creative communication.

But creating the website and brand identity was just the beginning. Studio Brand employed its expertise in creative design to develop visually striking and informative digital and print advertisements. These were not mere announcements; they were conversation starters, designed to engage the community on a topic of critical importance. The power of social media was harnessed to its fullest. Studio Brand's strategic social media marketing ensured that the message of COVID-19 prevention permeated through various platforms, reaching different age groups and communities within Harris County. These efforts were complemented by a targeted email marketing campaign, which provided regular updates and preventive tips, directly reaching the inboxes of thousands of residents.

The results of these efforts were not just impressive; they were impactful. The campaign led to a significant increase in public awareness about COVID-19 prevention. Website traffic soared, social media engagement skyrocketed, and the feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps most telling was the behavioral change observed in the county, with more residents adhering to preventive measures. Moreover, the campaign did not go unnoticed in the professional sphere. It received accolades for its innovative approach and effectiveness, setting a benchmark in public health communication.

The cornerstone of this campaign was the development of a robust brand identity. Understanding the critical nature of the message, Studio Brand crafted a brand that resonated with the diverse demographics of Harris County. This brand identity was not only relatable but also served as a beacon of reliable information in a time of widespread uncertainty and misinformation. With the brand identity as the foundation, Studio Brand proceeded to develop a user-friendly, informative website. The website served as a central hub for COVID-19 information, tailored to the needs of Harris County residents. It was meticulously designed to ensure ease of navigation and accessibility, ensuring vital information was available to all, irrespective of their digital proficiency.

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