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Brand Development, Website Development and Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Houston-based filtration company Flo Trend’s team of experts always provided their client base with accessible and reliable service, but they still desired to grow as a company. They felt that their branding has grown stale, so they reached out to Studio Brand for a brand refresh, along with a web development project to add some new life into their outdated and hard-to-use website. Studio Brand helped completely refresh the company’s brand to accomplish Flo Trend’s goals, including a new logo and extensive marketing.

Flo Trend’s goals they relayed to our team at Studio Brand were all surpassed with undeniable results. Flo Trend’s website traffic more than doubled after SB’s website development team completely refreshed their website, positioning the company as an industry leader among their competitors online. After this refresh, the company’s leadership was able to complete a successful sale of the company.

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