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Brand Development, Website Development and Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing

A newcomer to Houston’s vibrant dining scene, BuffBurger was ambitious from the start. This client came to Studio Brand with a vision of rapid expansion into multiple locations and challenged us to help make this dream a reality in a crowded marketplace.

SB began with a brand design for the new business. Then we designed and developed a website and implemented a marketing strategy that relied upon email, social media, and influencer marketing to spread the gospel of the world’s best hamburger.

When Houston-based BuffBurger approached Studio Brand, they had an important request—they needed a full brand launch for the then-new restaurant. BuffBurger’s team was passionate about their food, but they needed a team of experts to direct their branding, so that they could cultivate an invested following before their opening day. To help their team achieve this goal, our agency offered BuffBurger a full-scope brand launch to instantly establish relevance in a crowded and competitive Houston restaurant scene. This mission was an unmitigated success, as Studio Brand received awards for their work in overseeing BuffBurger’s rapid ascension to popularity.

The BuffBurger brand launch experienced instant success—so much so that a second location opened within one year of the first. Studio Brand received substantial acclaim for our work in guaranteeing this quick growth, winning a Bronze Quill Award for branding in 2015, and a MarCom Gold Award in the same year.

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