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As a brand owner, you have no right to your audience’s attention. Quite frankly, you have to earn it. You have to convince consumers to why they should welcome you into their homes, and ultimately, their heads. You can’t do that if they don’t like you. And they won’t like you until they start listening to you. And that won’t ever happen if your marketing or brand reminds them of advertising. This just means you have to entertain them. Surprise them! Pull out all the stops! Expose them to new ideas. Challenge them with new images. Allow the messenger to be as instrumental as your message. Show them what’s possible, show them your capabilities and strengths! Involve them in the process and they’ll reward you with their attention.

Here are a few brands we're developing or have developed and we believe they have (or are well on their way) gained the trust, loyalty and ultimately hearts of their consumers.

It's Good To Be Us!

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