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A digital + design agency. Where strategy leads design.

A Fractional CMO brings immediate expert-level marketing knowledge that fills the gaps on your team and provides your organization with direction to align your marketing with business goals.

Using a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO for hire — either as an Interim CMO or CMO consultant, provides your company with both the experience and capabilities of a senior staff member with cost-efficiencies that are at a fraction of the cost, and with predetermined outcomes. Typically, a fractional CMO can cost 50-75% less than a fully loaded, full-time CMO.

The role of a fractional CMO is increasingly complex, as it addresses the marketing goals of an organization both on a micro and a macro level. A Fractional CMO is adept at thinking both broadly and strategically, while having the tactical acumen in multiple marketing channels such as digital marketing, marketing strategy, product placement, and social media marketing.

Understanding The Role of a Fractional CMO

As a start-up, sole proprietor or small business, do you sometimes wish you could harness the sort of marketing strategy and leadership that multinationals can afford? Small businesses rarely have the budget, but it’s not difficult to imagine what you could accomplish with the same or equivalent resources. Financial constraints are sometimes the only thing stopping your business from expanding. However, it is possible to acquire the experience and skills of a CMO quickly and hit the targets you want to achieve when you hire a Fractional CMO.​

Understanding The Role of a Fractional CMO

  • Product and Services

  • Branding Awareness & Promotion

  • Lead Generation 

  • Customer Success

  • Sales Integration 

  • Content and Message Development

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