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COMPANY: Bowtie Cakes, Inc.,

SERVICES: Website  Re-Development,             Marketing Materials, Brand Development, Event Promotion, Public Relations, Indoor and Outdoor Signage, Mobile App Design + Development, Email Marketing


OVERVIEW: Bowtie Cakes is a baked goods company that specializes in creating unique cupcake and cake flavors. The company was founded by the dynamic duo, Christopher and Caroline Bristol. From chocolate chili to lavender lemon cupcakes, Bowtie Cakes is known for its innovative use of flavors and cake design, as well as its classic confectionary creations.  For this company, we knew the brand we created had to different and distinguishable in color, concept, name and application.

We drew the color inspiration for Bowtie Cakes from the owners’ carefree and laidback personality plus their love of the ocean. We wanted to create a brand that consumers would easily relate to, one that expressed a carefree spirit. We decided to incorporate shades of teal in the design paired with a complementary color, coral. Teal adds a touch of modern freshness to the design and the coral evokes a sense of happiness and appetite. 

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